TpOx-B15C5 is a UV excitable fluorescent material with a polycyclic aromatic donor-acceptor structure where the triphenoxazole core acts as a donor and the aromatic group on the two position of the oxazole (Benzo-15-crown-5) act as the acceptor group. The push-pull, donor-acceptor, structure facilitates intramolecular charge transfer in the excited state that results in a 187 nm emission Stokes Shift. TpOx-B15C5 is designed for 355 nm excitation with emission at 457 nm with quantum yield of 0.43 and undergo fluorescent modulation upon binding metal cations in an appended crown ether moiety. TpOx-B15C5 has potential uses in metal cation sensing, fluorescent dye staining, organic electronic and photonics, and imaging applications.

TpOx-B15C5 can be purchased from Sigma Aldrich website.

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