Fluorescent Materials for Imaging Applications

ChromaTwist is a leader in large Stokes shift fluorescent materials for imaging applications. Our material innovations can be applied in the biological, biotechnological and medical research sectors as well as in medical diagnostics. Our unique patented technology platform and know – how allows rapid material development based on application requirements.

Building on over 20 years of research at the University of Birmingham, UK, ChromaTwist has developed a patented comprehensive technology platform, know – how and synthesis expertise for next generation of fluorescent compounds.


September 2015

Initial discovery of new molecules and synthesis

June 2016

First series of fluorophores synthesized

March 2018

Initial patents filed on ChromaTwist technology (Luminescent compounds)

May 2018

Awarded ICURe funding by Innovate UK for commercial market research

October 2018

Awarded an Innovate Grant for commercialisation of new fluorophores

December 2018

ChromaTwist Ltd founded by Professor Jon Preece, Dr Alex Robinson, Dr Gregory O’Callaghan, Dr Karolis Virzbickas, Mr Owen Jones, Mr Dennis Zhao, Mr Michael Butlin and Ms Sareena Sund

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ChromaTwist is looking for excellent talent in the fields of chemistry, biological imaging and sales. Our company is a highly innovative start-up with a rapid development environment and a culture open to new challenges

ChromaTwist is based in Birmingham, UK

ChromaTwist is based at the Birmingham Research Park, Birmingham, England. If you are interested in learning more about ChromaTwist and our materials, please contact us via email at: info@chromatwist.com

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ChromaTwist Ltd
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