A leader in large Stokes shift fluorescent dyes

ChromaTwist is a leader in large Stokes shift organic fluorescent dyes which are excited across the UV and the blue leading to bright tuneable emission across the entire visible spectrum.

Our patented innovative molecular technology platform coupled to our modular and scalable chemistry is allowing the development of our fluorophores to further push the boundaries of applications in the healthcare sector through their application in bio-sensing (e.g. flow cytometry) and bio-imaging (e.g. multiphoton microscopy).

ChromaTwist fluorescent probes for Flow Cytometry

ChromaTwist UV fluorescent probes for Flow Cytometry are powered by a patented technology platform allowing the development of new 355 nm (and 405 nm) excited probes that emit across the entire visible spectrum to further enhance multiplexing capabilities which will ultimately give users more choice.

ChromaTwist Fluorophores for Multiphoton Microscopy

ChromaTwist Fluorophores for Other Applications