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ChromaTwist is always looking for excellent talent in the fields of chemistry, biological imaging and sales. Our team is a highly innovative start-up with a rapid development environment and a culture open to new challenges.

Current Vacancies

Fluorophore-Antibody Conjugation Chemist and Flow Cytometrist

ChromaTwist Ltd ( has a set of innovative organic fluorophores that it is looking to exploit as fluorescent antibody markers in flow cytometry.

We are developing two sets of fluorophores which can be excited with a 355nm (CTUV series) and 405nm (CTV series) lasers, and admit from blue to red, dependent upon the exact molecular structure. Furthermore, we are developing fluorophores that:

  1. emit into the NIR, and
  2. excite at wavelengths beyond 405nm.

The fluorophores have been derivatised with several functional groups (-CO2H, NH2, N3, Michael acceptor, -Br, -SH, -alkene) in order to covalent attach to other (bio)materials.

ChromaTwist is now looking for an ambitious individual join us in driving forward our flow cytometry bioprobe reagent development programme and work with our current team of chemists and bioscientists.  We are looking for an individual who is not only able to work collaboratively within a team, but who is also confident in their own ability to make and take decisions on a daily basis to direct their own work, reporting to the CEO on a weekly basis.

 We are looking for an individual with expertise in two areas:

  • Antibody Conjugation:
    1. conjugating organic fluorophores to antibodies,
    2. purification of the conjugates, and
    3. characterisation of the conjugates.
  • Flow Cytometry:
    1. preparation of cells for flow cytometry (in particular PBMC cells)
    2. incubating antibody conjugates with cells,
    3. the use of these incubated cells in flow cytometry,
    4. the operation of flow cytometers, and
    5. data recording and analysis of flow cytometer output in a multiplexed set-up.

Qualifications: PhD (or equivalent experience)

Salary:                  £35-40K (could be higher depending on experience and track record), Share options in ChromaTwist

Start date:          As soon as possible

Contact:              Email CV to