ChromaTwist Technology for Flow Cytometry

ChromaTwist UV fluorescent probes for Flow Cytometry are powered by a patented technology platform allowing the development of new UV excited probes that emit across the entire visible spectrum to further enhance multiplexing capabilities which will ultimately give users more choice.

The modular and scalable ChromaTwist platform allows fluorescence-by-design of new UV fluorescent probes where the excitation and emission can be tuned and reactive chemical functionality introduced to enable conjugation to (bio)materials, including antibodies for Flow Cytometry.

The ChromaTwist technology patented donor-acceptor systems levers years of innovation and development in the Preece and Robinson groups at University of Birmingham. ChromaTwist has a catalogue of >100 fluorophore products which has enabled a detailed understanding of the molecular factors which control:

  • Absorption
  • Emission
  • Brightness
  • Photostability
  • Reactive functional groups (-CO2H, -N3, -NH2, -active esters, -SH, -alkenes, -Br) for conjugation

In short ChromaTwist has developed a patented molecular technology platform, where properties can be tailored to meet the need of a variety of applications in biosensing, bioimaging and other areas.

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Fluorescent Probes for Flow Cytometry

ChromaTwist is developing a new series of UV fluorescent probes tailored for Flow Cytometry application with:

  • High brightness and photostability for 355 nm and 405 nm laser excitation
  • Emission across the entire visible spectrum to maximise multiplexing capabilities
  • Functional groups for conjugation to antibodies to plug-and-play
Four selected emission spectra of four CTUV probes excited at 355 nm and emitting across the visible spectrum.

ChromaTwist CTUV series of fluorescent probes target the 355 nm laser excitation for Flow Cytometry, which will provide an alternative to the BUV fluorophores.

ChromaTwist will later introduce the CTV series of fluorescent probes for 405 nm laser excitation for Flow Cytometry, which will provide an alternative to the BV fluorophores and others on the market.

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To find out more about ChromaTwist technology or see how it could be adapted to your needs please contact us for more information.