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ChromaTwist UV Excitable, Blue to Red Emission, Anionic Active Esters Dyes for Flow Cytometry

Background: ChromaTwist Dyes for Flow Cytometry: The chemical modularity of ChromaTwist fluorescent dye technology has allowed 50+ UV excitable fluorescent dyes to be created that emit across the visible spectrum (395-635nm, and potential for reaching into IR emission), without the need for tandem dye based approaches, and their drawbacks for end-users. Previously we demonstrated that […]

Spectral Flow Cytometric Evaluation of Two ChromaTwist Dye Antibody Conjugates Using 355nm and 405 nm Excitation

Executive Summary ChromaTwist dyes (CT-Dye) all have a similar excitation spectra from ~260 nm to ~425nm, but can be chemically tuned to emit with emission maxima ranging from 395 nm to over 600 nm with large extinction coefficients (generally >100 000 M-1 cm-1) and quantum yields of ~50%, with ~80 different CT-Dye examples. Therefore, the […]

A New Class of Fluorescent Dye for the Spectral Flow Cytometry

Executive Summary The ChromaTwist molecular dyes have the potential to deliver many D(UV) dye-antibody conjugates for the spectral flow cytometry market with differentiated colours to allow multiplexing beyond the ~50 limit seen to date with the recent emergence – and rapid market uptake –  of commercial spectral flow cytometers, e.g. Thermofisher Scientific (Bigfoot), Sony Biotechnology […]

Multicolour Flow Cytometry with the ChromaTwist Dyes

ChromaTwist Dye to Antibody Conjugation and Multicolour Flow Cytometric Evaluation Executive Summary The ChromaTwist dye (Gen-2-Dye) has been conjugated to the CD8 antibody (Ab) as shown by UV/Vis (Figure 1a) and emission spectroscopy (Figure 1b). In addition, the conjugate was shown to be active and bound to Protein A and G in the Abcam Conjugation […]

University of Birmingham spinout lands funding for rapid development of fluorescent dyes

Birmingham spinout Chromatwist Ltd has landed £300k for rapid development of fluourescent dyes for use in bio-sensing and bio-imaging.  The fluorescent materials were discovered by serial innovators Professor Jon Preece, FRSC and Dr Alex Robinson, who will develop products to enter the flow cytometry market by the end of 2022. The company is looking for […]