Applications for ChromaTwist Technology

ChromaTwist molecules are aromatic organic materials comprising of donor and acceptor groups. The chemistry is simple yet unique allowing for highly modular systems, where each molecular moiety can be modified. Such features give rise to unique and tunable optical and chemical properties.

ChromaTwist’s materials are naturally suited for use in the biological and medical field, however, due to the adaptable nature of the chemistry, there are numerous other possible applications. ChromaTwist is actively seeking and developing relationships with potential partners and end-users to further develop the technology and expand the range of applications.

Organic Electronics

Chromatwist materials in the condensed state have a unique combination of physical and material properties:

  1. Photoconductivity
  2. Luminescence
  3. Liquid Crystalliity

Therefore, these materials have potential applications as active layers in Organic Photovoltaics (OPVs) and Organic Light Emitting Devices (OLEDs).

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Fluorescent tagging/Plastic Recycling/Security Inks

As a result of ChromaTwist fluorescent dyes absorbing in the UV and emitting across the full visible range of the colour spectrum, coupled to high thermal, chemical and photo stability they have potential applications in areas such as fluorescent tagging, plastic recycling and security inks.

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Analyte Sensing

The ChromaTwist molecular architecture comprises the classic conjugated donor and acceptor moieties.  By modifying the donor, the excitation properties can be modified, and conversely by modifying the acceptor the emission properties can be modified, which enables the emission across the visible spectrum. However, introduction of molecular and ionic recognition motifs to the acceptor moiety has enabled proof-of-concept analyte sensing (electron deficient explosives analogues and cations.

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