TpOx-2-An is a UV excitable fluorescent material with a polycyclic aromatic donor-acceptor structure where the triphenoxazole core acts as a donor and the aromatic group on the two position of the oxazole (2-anthracene) act as the acceptor group. The push-pull, donor-acceptor, structure facilitates intramolecular charge transfer in the excited state that results in a 264 nm emission Stokes Shift. TpOx-2-An is also a photo-conducting Discotic Liquid Crystalline (DLC) material with mesophase transition onset temperature of 162°C. TpOx-2-An is designed for 355 nm and 405 nm excitation with emission at 536 nm with quantum yield of 0.51, high thermal, chemical and photostability. TpOx-2-An has potential uses in fluorescent dye staining, organic electronic and photonics, and imaging applications.

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