Fluorescent tagging/Plastic Recycling/Security Inks

The ChromaTwist UV fluorescent dyes that absorb in the UV range and emit across the full visible range of the colour spectrum coupled to high thermal, molecular and photo stability offers unique set of properties for use in a range of applications for fluorescent tagging, plastic recycling and security inks.

Key properties of ChromaTwist Dyes:

  • Absorption – Tuned for UV excitation < 405 nm.
  • Emission – Selection of emitting dyes from 400 nm to 600 nm.
  • Brightness – High fluorescent quantum yield (30-70%).
  • Stability – Highly stable in solution and solid.
  • Thermal Stability – > 250°C.
  • Solubility – Soluble in common organic solvents.
  • Processability – Flexible in process techniques as well as formulation.

Fabricated PMMA films with fluorescent dyes are colourless under ambient light, but emit brightly under UV light.
3D printed resin with ChromaTwist fluorescent material.

Please contact us for more information about ChromaTwist technology for Fluorescent tagging/Plastic Recycling/Security Inks applications.